hello, hello, hello!

welcome to one of many candidates for silliest site on the indie web, confettiguts! we love rainbows, sparkles, lucky star and you!!!

less cryptically, welcome to the dumb little personal site of some weird girl (?) who's stuck in the 2010s and refuses to leave.

first and foremost...

confettiguts contains the following:
moderate/small instances of flashing lights, bright colors, autoplaying music, drawn semi-realistic gore, cartoonish violence, open weirdness, gay men kissing and lots of cussing + CAPSLOCK.

confettiguts utilizes the following:
iframes and javascript

designed for pc, has been optimized to be functional and useable on mobile. decorative graphics and other similar content may be missing on mobile to improve accessibility. this is why i reccomend viewing on a desktop computer.

peel back the outer layer of skin and look upon the writhing flesh within do not